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Fuck your catchy one liners

Fuck your dress to impress

You can go fuck yourselves with that trendy shit

Fuck your bad attitudes

Fuck your weak high class

Fuck all you pretenders

Keep your life of trash

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I love thicc puppies

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All this stuff is so sick

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It’s a cruel world

But it’s cool                                                                                                                                 

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Track of The Day.

The good ol’ days…being alive.

8 brains out of 10.

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Earl grey// basement


Earl grey// basement


• it was the first time that we could rush the streets, feeling no defeat, ‘cause we where ready to ignite the sky. It was the last time that I had the time of my life •

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Being as an Ocean’s new song is beautiful.

Their new album entitled, “How We Both Wondrously Perish" is expected to be released on May 6th 2014.

I think im crying

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Nothing better than date night with the person that makes me happier than anyone else. Honestly feel like all I have been doing is school work lately and I needed tonight. We are getting close to move out and it kind of sucks and I am really going to miss Blazer hall and room 516. The only thing making me look forward is that I am going to be living with Lauren next year. I can’t imagine living with anyone else at this point or the rest of my life.


Knuckle Puck [x]


Knuckle Puck [x]

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Modern Baseball- Two Good Things (x)


Modern Baseball- Two Good Things (x)